Topics will include, but are not limited to:

– Advanced oxidation processes

– Agroforestry and the environment

– Air pollution

– Atmospheric sciences

– Bio resources environment and bioenergy

– Bioinfomatics

– Biomonitoring

– Biowaste

– Climate change and global warming

– Composite Materials and Technologies

– Contaminated land management, site remediation / bioremediation

– E-waste

– Eco-friendly Tidal Power plants

– Ecology and ecosystem management

– Efficient conversion of biomass and waste into valuable products

– Electric and electronic waste

– Emerging pollutants

– Energy technologies and sustainability

– Environmental data analysis and modelling

– Environmental education

– Environmental impact assessment and mitigation

– Environmental odour monitoring and control

– Environmental planning, management and policies

– Environmental pollution

– Food waste

– Forest and biodiversity conservation

– GIS for health Management

– Governance for low carbon transitions in the food sector

– Green cities

– Green Concrete

– Green energy and renewable energy

– Green technology with industrial perspectives

– Green transportation

– Hazardous waste, solid waste disposal and management

– Heavy metals in the environment

– Hydrology and water resources management

– Industrial pollution

– Innovation in health and environment applications

– Marine environment and coastal management

– Medical biotechnology

– Microbiology and biochemistry on environment

– Microplastics in the marine environment

– Public health, policy and law and environment

– Recycling of Waste water

– River issues and water pollution

– Smart cities for a Sustainable Development

– Soil and groundwater contamination and remediation

– Solid waste management

– Spatial analysis methods in water resources

– Spatial environmental planning

– The environmental footprint of tourism

– Use of nanotechnology in pollution control

– Waste management